Are all your pieces of luggage packed full? You might want to ship them home and purchase new ones because there is still much to discover in the land of plenty! Travel along the northern region of Malaysia to experience good old northern hospitality and unwind on the serene beaches of Langkawi and Pangkor Island. Then gear up for heavy duty trips to duty free haven!



This cluster of gem-like islands in the Andaman Sea is best known for everything synonymous to a tropical beach getaway. At the beachfronts of Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah, tourists will find vibrant apparels in island fashion while at resorts, numerous boutiques offer exclusive designer labels suited for both island wear and beyond. If you’re into things sparkly, check out the famous Langkawi Crystal and its fine glass work. It’s worth mentioning that given Langkawi’s name which derives from the local words for ‘marble’ and ‘eagle’, you’ll find a rich selection of refined marble objects.


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Duty Free

An additional appeal lies in Langkawi’s duty free status, which has turned it into a shopping haven offering merchandise at wonderful tax-exempted prices. Outlets are scattered from the town centre and ferry terminal to the airport and beach areas offering selections of local crafts, delicacies, confectionery, alcohol, cigarettes and clothes. If you’re off for a ride in the Langkawi Cable Car, check out the stores in its vicinity for stylish home décor items and beach Wear.


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Padang Besar and Bukit Kayu Hitam are more than just border towns with immigration and customs stations. Situated at the Malaysia- Thailand border, they are popular little shopping spots for visitors and locals looking for treats or items at duty free prices. Those who frequently ply this route know that they can find some pretty good stuff in these duty free zones if they look hard enough. Take some time to browse through the mix of stores selling a variety of tax-exempted items like chocolates, fragrances, liquor, cigarettes and clothes.


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If there’s one thing this state is popular for, it is a bounty of fresh tropical fruits for immediate consumption. Its proximity to the Cameron Highlands and surrounding fruit orchards ensures that there’s an abundance of fruits all year around. Look out for ‘pomelo’, mangoes, guavas and a host of other seasonal fruits. Perak is also famed for the lovely gourd – shaped clay pottery known as ‘Labu Sayong’, which serves as both water cisterns and home décor items. Its delicate work easily makes it a most valuable souvenir.


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Pangkor island

If you’re heading for Pangkor Island, the shops in the vicinity of the ferry terminal at Lumut offer top quality dried seafood produce; however, it is crucial to check on customs regulations in visitors’ home countries, pertaining to the bringing in of such items.


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Mall shopping meanwhile can be enjoyed in places like the Ipoh Parade, Greentown Mall and Kinta City Shopping Centre in Ipoh city.


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