Penang: On The Streets

Little India/ Kapitan Kling Gold Bazaar

Close to the heart of Georgetown is Little India, one of Penangs oldest commercial district. The place where for centuries, Indian merchants have sold spices, textiles and jewellery. Also known as the Kapitan Kling Gold Bazaar, the area thrives with gold, gemstones and jewellery shops, stretching all the way to Chulia and Campbell street. Along the main street, flower sellers paint a riveting picture with blooms in all shades. If you’re looking for exotic buys in a street mart infused with colour and culture, this is the spot to head for.

Batu Feringghi Sidewalk Bazaar

Tourists staying at the sea front resorts of Batu Feringghi would get more than sunny beaches and palm trees. Each day, when the sun goes down, vendors appear on sidewalks selling a hoard of goods ranging from apparel, accessories, handicrafts and paintings, trinkets and food. Lit up by bright lights, the stalls and vendors entice shoppers with bargains that make great holiday souvenirs. Take a stroll and check out this famous mile-long night market.

Little Penang Street Market

This one is held on the last Sunday of each month, located at Upper Penang Road in the city centre. Somewhat different from the others, this mart serves as a venue for showcasing Penangs culture and creativity in an exciting and affordable way. Visitors will be treated to an assortment of food, live performance, visual art, childrens activities and even demonstrations and book readings at times. Many of the crafts featured are hand made and uniquely local. In an effort to support local charity organisations, the mart also promotes community-based crafts produced by single mothers and the marginalised sectors. The performances meanwhile, focuses on both traditional and contemporary entertainment. The mart is unique in its eco-friendly commitment and so, products from natural and recycled materials recycled are common finds.

Chowrasta Bazaar

Over a century old, the Chowrasta Bazaar has retained a remarkable old world appeal that still reaches out to shoppers today. It is the place many go to for preserved fruits- a top favourite being nutmeg, various sweets, biscuits and local delicacies that arent usually found elsewhere. Try out your haggling skills with the pleasant vendors here and you could come away with a bagful of bargains. Behind, is a wet market selling all kinds of fresh produce while a few metres away, is a network of stalls that forms a bazaar of another kind. Known to the locals as Jual Murah, one can easily find t-shirts, apparels and many a trinket at attractive prices

Lorong Kulit Flea Market

Located by Penangs City Stadium, this flea market has been popular with the locals for decades and is full of surprises.  Food, fruits, electrical items, antiques, clothing, traditional medicines, gemstones, second hand items and even pets and live prawns can be found here. All you need to do is patiently browse through the jumble of merchandise to discover a priceless reward. Whats unusual is that a peddler who is spotted there one day may not be there the next. Its a market that starts early and wraps up by mid-day; so be there early to get into the midst of the morning hustle and bustle.