Founded in 1918, MYDIN is a wholesome family business passed down from generations. After several setbacks and hurdles, the business grew steadily with strong determination, perseverance and faith.

MYDIN is active in both retailing and wholesaling. Their products vary from food to household items such as hardware, electrical, stationery, porcelain, and toys to textiles and fabrics. The brand also encompasses all categories such as hypermarkets, malls, emporiums and mini markets. MYDIN operates 322 outlets nationwide including SAM’S Groceria, a higher-end hypermarket accompanied by its own food joint, SAM’S Deli.

Their appeal to budget-conscious consumers for value-for-money bargains offered at the stores gets people returning and becoming loyal with the franchise. Consumers are also aware of the quality that is not compromised despite its bargain deals. This fact has solely made MYDIN a household name among prudent spenders in the low and middle income group. Against a backdrop of an inflation-averse market, MYDIN stands out as the best choice. Above all, MYDIN is a go-to for people from all walks of life for its great prices and all around quality goods!

Mydin has expanded its business with a total of 24 Hypermarkets nationwide. Being the obvious choice for most Malaysians to shop in retail or grocery, they provide a wholesome of facilities and services for their customers.

Mydin has a total of 16 emporiums, a smaller version of the hypermarkets. In addition to that, Mydin Bazars are also one of the easier options for on-the-go customers to purchase their daily grocery items without the hassle. The Bazars are situated 3 locations nationwide, which are in Nusajaya, Putrajaya and Melaka.

MyMydin is a mini mart that operates in 47 outlets nationwide. The MyMart however, has only 6 franchise outlets. These convenience stores are simply favorable for busy or working customers as some are open for 24-hours.

Where to find your nearest Mydin

Mydin stores are located all around Malaysia. Visit for more details on how to get to your nearest store!

Opening hours

Each Mydin has different opening hours. Visit for the opening hours of your nearest store.