Flight Check In Centre

If airport shopping at the KLIA wasn’t enough for you, step into the nearby Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA SEPANG (MOP), a factory outlet shopping mall just 6km from KLIA and KLIA2. What you’ll find here is a myriad of upper-middle to high-end off seasoned brands and products at attractive discounts including a Japanese Specialty Store (Japan Avenue) featuring Japanese art, culture, music and cuisine.


Its theme of “Paradise Village” carries four unique concepts namely, the Sunshine Square, Pier Walk, Tropical Plaza and Beach Walk, each representing architectural design of its namesake. At Sunshine Square, you will enjoy browsing through a luxury street concept sunlit by stylish skylight. The Pier Walk promotes chic, esplanade ambiance while the Tropical Plaza and Beach Walk promote a relaxing ambiance akin to a tropical beach escape.


Retail offerings stretch from mid to higher end labels such as Braun Buffel, Brooks Brothers, G2000, Versace, Cole Haan, Guess, Mango, Bonia and many more. Considering the fabulous savings shoppers get, it would be wise to set aside a couple of hours to get the most out of this place.


Opening Hours

Sunday 10AM–10PM
Monday 10AM–10PM
Tuesday 10AM–10PM
Wednesday 10AM–10PM
Thursday 10AM–10PM
Friday 10AM–10PM
Saturday 10AM–10PM


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