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Tax Free Shopping in Malaysia

Say hello to a world of tax-exempted shopping! In 2011, Malaysia was declared a “Tax Free Shopping Destination”, making it a haven for shopaholics everywhere.

Combine the abundance of tax-refundable merchandise with high buying powers, and tourists to Malaysia can look forward to a priceless and value-for-money experience. Find all the hottest and trendiest inventory of international labels and brands at major leading malls and retail outlets nationwide, at a much lower price than at most places.

Topping the fun of tax free shopping in Malaysia is the refunds shoppers can get on their Goods and Services Tax (GST). How does this work? Well, look for stores displaying the Global Blue Tax Free Shopping decal. If you spend a minimum of MYR300 inclusive of GST, remember to ask for a GST Refund Form. If you don’t spend that amount at one go, you may combine receipts from the same Approved Outlet over a three month period prior to your departure from Malaysia. Present your passport for verification by the shop staff.

Be at the airport to allow enough time for the refund process before your departure.  Your refundable purchases must be presented to the Customs officer at landside (for goods to be checked-in) and airside (for hand carried goods). Before checking in for your flight, go to the GST Customs Refund Verification Counter and present your completed GST Refund Forms, tax invoice/ shop receipt, passport, boarding pass and purchased goods to get your Forms validated.

You may opt for an immediate cash refund with a maximum of MYR300 for the refunded amount; credit card refunds will be paid within five days. You may also mail your completed Customs validated GST Refund Forms in the envelope provided and have your refund paid to your credit card within three weeks (upon receipt of the TRS forms).


Shoppers eligible for Tax Free Shopping

  • If you are neither a citizen nor a permanent resident of Malaysia and hold a valid international passport.
  • If you are a foreign diplomat leaving the country after completion of service in Malaysia and are in possession of a document from the relevant diplomatic or consular mission stating that you are permanently leaving Malaysia.
  • If you are not nor have been employed in Malaysia at any time in the 3 months preceding the date of purchase of the eligible goods.
  • If you depart from Malaysia by means of air transportation from one of the international airports in the scope of the TRS.
  • Your GST Refund Form must be validated by GST Customs Refund Verification Counter located at the international airports only. You won’t be able to get your refund when leaving Malaysia by car / coach via Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints, which are not equipped with the verification counters.
  • If you are not a member of the cabin or flight crew of the aircraft on which you are departing out of Malaysia.
  • If you are at least 18 years of age on the date of Customs validation.
  • If you are entering or staying in Malaysia on a student pass, your entitlement under the TRS is like any other foreign tourist.

GST Rate

  • 6%

Minimum purchase amount

  • 300 MYR
  • You must spend at least three-hundred Malaysian Ringgit (MYR 300) (GST inclusive) at the same Approved Outlet. Accumulation of purchases is allowed if purchases are made from the same Approved Outlet on different days within a 3 month period prior to the date of Customs validation.



Non-refundable goods:

  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Wine, spirits, beer and malt liquor
  • Precious metal and gemstones
  • Goods wholly or partially consumed in Malaysia (except for clothing/tax invoices to be maintained)
  • Goods which are absolutely prohibited from export under the written law
  • Goods which are not taken out as accompanied (hand carried) or unaccompanied (checked-in) luggage

GST Refund Form

  • The Form is valid for 2 months from the date of Customs validation.
  • The Form must be digitally or manually stamped by an Officer of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department within 3 months from the issuing date.
  • Original receipt/invoice must also be presented for Customs inspection.

Non-refundable goods:

  • The post delivery is free of charge from all over the world if you use the Global Blue prepaid envelope provided by the shop. Note that it is sent by regular post. You can also drop it in a Global Blue Mailbox at one of the international airports where TRS is operated.
  • If you have not received the prepaid envelope you can use a standard envelope (at your own expense).
  • In order to prevent a possible loss of the documents, use secured mail service (e.g. registered mail or courier- at your own expense).
  • Before sending the documents, please make a copy of them or write down the GST Refund Form number (DOC ID) of each Form for your reference.
  • In order to assure smooth processing of your refund send just GST Refund Form filled in completely and correctly.



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