3 Indoor Adventures To Try This Weekend

Kuala Lumpur’s fluctuating weather – it’s either so hot you’ll get a sunburn in minutes or it’s raining so heavily you’re drenched before you can even say “umbrella”. It’s a rock solid excuse to hole up indoors where it’s safe but boring. Thankfully, I’m here to the rescue! Why stay inside where it’s drab when you get go out and be fab? I’ve rounded up some awesome indoor spaces that will easily fill your time with interesting adventures.

District 21, iOi City Mall

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First up, especially for all The Hunger Games fans, District 21 is the place to be! District 21 is an apocalypse themed adventure park that is fun for the whole family as well so be sure to grab all you family members and even a few friends to have the best time ever!

This ginormous action park is located at AT 6, Level 1, IOI City Mall in Putrajaya. With 10 main attractions and an additional 8 function rooms, District 21 is completely versatile as it is ideal for even corporate team building events and school trips too! It is extremely engaging and no time here is wasted as you will be constantly moving. There is not a dull moment from all the climbing and jumping. With an indoor rock-climbing wall, roller glider, aerial obstacle course and trampolines, you’ll want to stay all day to keep playing!

What else are you waiting for? Head down to IOI City Mall now and save you and your family from death by boredom!

For more details and tickets: http://www.district21.com.my/index.php

Breakout: Surreal Escape Experience, Nu Sentral/Avenue K


Testament of Tesla

Get your adrenaline pumping with a mental workout! In 45 minutes, work together with your family and friends to escape from a room challenge of your choice by solving puzzles, riddles and using your powers of observation. Teamwork is key in this adventure and so is thinking out of the box.

Before each session, the Game Master will brief you on safety, do’s and don’ts as well as the characters available. Your team is able to choose from 8 characters, each with its own unique strength to assist in the breakout mission. The Lightbringer for instance, is given a torchlight to help with seeing during the challenge and the Oracle gets to see the ‘future’ by knowing the order of puzzles to be completed. It is a fantastic team-building experience – you’ll learn to keep calm, value your teammates’ unique traits and sharpen your strategic skills. This immersive, surreal game-play will keep you on your feet and coming back for more!

For more details and tickets: http://www.breakout.com.my/nu/price/

Icescape Ice Rink, iOi City Mall

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There is absolutely no better way to escape the scorching Malaysian heat than actually being on ice – the only Olympic-sized ice skating rink in Malaysia, to be exact. Go big or go home, isn’t that right? Grab everyone you know because there is definitely space for it! Located on the first floor of the mall, the rink is well-maintained and spacious to ensure everyone has a good time here. If you’re an ice skating beginner or in need of a little help, Icescape offers beginners’ lessons and penguin skating aids so you can have a wholesome time regardless of your skill level.

For more details and tickets: https://www.facebook.com/icescapeicerink

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